I Reach Donor Sponsorship Program

Tiered Level Giving and Sponsors
REACH Our Communities Inc.

If you are interested in signing up for one of the packages below, please click here to download the sponsorship form to print and mail.


I-REACH Friends   Single Donation of $50-100 USD   Thank you recognition letter
I-REACH Bronze Sponsor   Single Donation of $101 – $250   (+)At donors request name will appear on R.O.C Web site for year-end donor report.
I-REACH Silver Sponsor   Single Donation of $251 – $500   (+)At donors request name will be published on R.O.C. Facebook page
I-REACH Gold Sponsor   Single Donation of $501 – $999   (+)Name will be printed in published material of events, conferences meetings hosted by R.O.C.
I-REACH Platinum Sponsor   Single Donation of $1000 -$4999   (+) Friend of R.O.C. Certificate Presented
I-REACH Diamond Partner   Single Donation of $5000 or more   (+) Friend of R.O.C. Plaque Presented
I-REACH Event Partner   Applies to donations for specific R.O.C. Events.Tiered levels apply   R.O.C. accepts restricted donations for specific R.O.C. events
I-REACH Special Assistance Donor   Applies to donations designated for a specificChild/ Family.  Tiered levels apply.   R.O.C. accepts restricted donations designated for assistance to individuals
I-REACH Internet Supporter    Annual Cumulative Donations of $50 or more by use of Internet Giving Programs including, I-Give, Paypal.  Tiered levels apply.   Donors may designate R.O.C. as a beneficiary through internet giving programs.   For More information contact R.O.C.
I-REACH Honorary/Memorial Donors   Any donation may be designated as an honorarium or memorial donations.  Tiered levels apply.   For more information on honorary or memorial donations please contact R.O.C.
I-REACH In-Kind Donations   For services rendered   For more information on In-Kind donations please contact R.O.C.