Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of REACH our Communities, is to provide facilities for the residents to engage in recreational, social, educational, cultural, community service, civic, and governmental activities.  The program will provide opportunities for persons of all ages to participate in a wide range of programs that educate and stimulate the public, enhance self-confidence, and promote mental and physical health.

Mission Statement 

REACH our Communities is a non-profit, multi-purpose organization designed to enhance the quality of life in our communities through individual and family services, community programs, and partnerships with other organizations and provide surrounding communities with the opportunities to promote, develop, and maintain social, educational, and recreational activities.

Our Vision

REACH our communities is committed to being an active participant in promoting a society and community where children and adults are valued and are provided with optimal opportunities to learn, develop and share those skills, attitudes and attributes that help assure lifelong learning, health, safety, independence, happiness and personal success. Though REACH Our Communities, the lives of all ages will be enriched by the participation of each individual as they thrive to reach their full potential in an environment that supports diversity and encourages reciprocal partnerships.