I had two children enrolled in the READ Program the summer of 2013... My son is in Kindergarten this year. His birthday is in October so he didn't make the cut off date last year, he was anxious about "starting kindergarten late" and he felt that he'd be behind.
The Read Program changed his perception on learning, his confidence grew weekly, and his hand eye coordination improved greatly! They teachers really took time with my son, they kept me informed on things we needed to concentrate on with him and all his progress.
I'll have you know that my son is blowing kindergarten out of the water this year!

As a parent I was very grateful to be able to volunteer 2 times a week! During the regular school year we send our children out each day, then we find out at the end of the day what happened. It was amazing for me to watch, in a school atmosphere, how my eight year old daughter interacted with her peers and teachers! It also kept her mind sharp during her summer break, they read everyday, they were also able to get on the computers and work. My children's bed times were maintained during the summer months because of the full 6/7 hour days at the Read program. The children went on field trips, and even had an award ceremony at the end to acknowledge their progress and accomplishments!

I have and will continue to recommend The READ Program to anyone I know that has children! The volunteers treat the children like family. They care and it shows! I'm grateful my children got to participate in the Read program. It's good training for the next school year and I feel it's needed! Thank you to the Read Program for helping my children.

K.P., Parent/Volunteer, Nash County

My son really enjoyed the READ  Program. When he started the program he didn't know his letters or all of his numbers,  but at the end of the program he did!  The READ  program helped get him ready for kindergarten! I will be sending him back to the READ program this summer along with his younger brother who will be attending kindergarten next school year!

P.J., Parent, Nash County

My children going to the reading program during the summer really helped them during the new school year. It was the extra push that they needed and not get lazy during the summer. I think it is a great and wonderful activity for children and parents. Not only are your kids safe, and secure, they are feed breakfast and lunch and are doing something positive and constructive during the summer "READING"!  It also gives me a little break while there are at the reading program. My Children will be returning next summer!

A.C., Parent, Johnston County